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We provide a single comprehensive online platform for educating all stakeholders (learners, academics, and support staff) globally. The online 12-year educational platform is the first choice of parents, as learners are empowered to become leaders in their search for scientific knowledge. The educational environment embraces the school’s vision to be established as a premier technologically-based online school. Quality assurance processes must ensure experienced academic experts to offer relevant, customized, and globally recognized programs to fulfill the expectations and learning needs of the talented current and future generations.


We strive to educate learners through a single online schooling platform to become excellent world-class leaders in a premium school. A learner that is anchored in knowledge to fulfill their God-given calling. We aim to excel in the best educational practices through our blended approach to learning within an adaptable person-centered paradigm. We ultimately attempt to distinctively embrace teaching and learning as the anchor to the tree of knowledge, with the sole vision of creating effective learning.


A progressive teaching style is essential for learners with a Christian-based foundation and values. This educational culture is needed to develop successful leaders’ talents, characteristics, and creative minds to be well-prepared for their future endeavors. Programs must be relevant to continuous evidence-based changes in the world and be globally accredited. Learners must progress at their own pace, in their own time and space according to their unique learning needs. A learner needs to be empowered to reach their optimal learning capacity and need parents’ encouragement, which creates a supportive and healthy environment. Successful learning incorporates the principles of Person-Centered Learning.

Anchored Education applies the Person-Centered Approach by Brendan McCormack to facilitate the outcomes of the curriculum of the different grades. A person-centered approach is “a standard of learning that ensures that the learner is at the center of the learning process.” This approach encourages a therapeutically consulting relationship between the learners, academics, parents, and other significant people in the learners’ life. The learner is placed at the center of decisions and choices concerning learning, with the collaboration of the parent and academics. Using this theoretical framework, the learner will have the following attributes: compassion, respect, the ability to work in an online team, self-awareness, career preparedness, and good interpersonal skills. The four components in a balanced life span of learning and growth are; finding, developing, knowing, and being.

A blended learning approach integrates various media methods, either as “synchronous or asynchronous,” together with different learning methods in one program. A mixture of teaching methods allows for understanding the theoretical content, reflecting on it, and later in the life span, practically implementing it in real career situations.

The evolution of Anchored Education as a partner of International Schooling Corporation (ISC) Singapore is based on the contribution of all role-players to strive to be the elite online school globally.


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