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Besides the large team of academic and subject-matter experts, the Anchored Education academic team also includes specialized counsellors, parenting experts and career advisors.

Members of our academic team have performed exceptionally well in their respective fields and have rich and varied experience in disciplines ranging from Maths, Science, Technology, Art etc.

When the teachers share this large depth and breadth of experience with learners, the development and growth of learners are holistic and multidimensional. We believe in a person-centered approach. For more information, for more information, calls us at (+27) 010 880 5567 or email us at

There are many advantages for studying at Anchored Education.

  • Academic flexibility: You (The parent/learner) are in charge of the pace and approach. Home-schooling can work whether a child is active, behind ,creative, gifted or quiet.
  • Efficient learning: There is a low learner-teacher ratio, no wasted time that makes meaningful learning.
  • Accommodating special situations.

You will find the “Enroll” button at the top of the page; click on it and follow the instructions. Alternatively, click on the link below to go directly to enroll.


If you need any support, you are always free to write to us at You can also fill in the inquiry form available on our contact page. Please enter your correct details and begin the process of your journey of learning with us.


Please read the Fee Structure for a better understanding of this information.

If you forget your username, you can click on the ‘Forgot Username/Password’ WHERE IS THIS? and you will be guided through a smooth process of recovering your Username/Password or creating a new one as the case may be. Additionally, you may write to us at and we will be happy to guide you to continue with your studies.

There are options of transferring your previous credits, coursework and academic accomplishments. You are guided through such options, when you enroll with us. You need to complete this process before starting with any assessments.

You can earn credits by choosing courses and completing them. You can also choose extra courses provided you are able to put in the prescribed time and input needed to complete such coursework.

Learners study in their own time and space according to their unique learning needs. Learners can progress at their own pace within the period/weeks allocated per semester (20-22 weeks). Any extension of a semester must serve at the office of the Dean and is not automatically granted.

You are not able to do two Grades in one year.

  • The credit system prescribes a minimum number of credits that a learner has to complete in order to earn a passing/qualification status in a certain course or grade.
  • This means that learners are only limited to one grade per year.
  • Learners receive a certificate at the end of each year.

The learner gets their certificate at an end of a grade, and can sent it to SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority). They rate it for the learner to go back into a South African school (CAPS).

It should be noted that the American curriculum is of a very high standard.

Elementary School is Grades K-5 and has six fixed courses.

Middle School is Grades 6 – 8, and a learner has a variety of different courses, that are 6 compulsory courses per grade. Honors courses are provided on Intermediate Level.

High School is Grades 9 – 12.

Regular, Honors and Advanced courses

  • Regular courses – general matric
  • Honors courses – entrance to Higher Education
  • Advanced placement (7th subject) Grades 9-12 – additional points to strengthen your access to Higher Education

Anchored Education accommodates every kind of learner. However, a full-time teacher(s) must be available to assist your child at home. Teachers should be available to assist with assignments. The duration of writing courses in the exam cannot be extended. Please note that we will interview you (the parent or caregiver) before enrollment to determine your child’s needs.

Anchored Education aims to encourage collaborative learner work early in a semester and then keep groups together for the semester to create more engagement. This further enables learners to chat and connect with one another.

We believe in connecting learners through playful online activities and will focus on the mental health and socialization between learners.


Due process in education means that fairness should be rendered in all areas and that a teacher or learner’s rights as individuals should under no circumstances be violated.


Anchored Education forbids any sort of harassment, cyberbullying, or any unacceptable behavior within the school environment.



Teachers monitor the interaction between learners during the online lessons. Learners may approach teachers if there is a need to report bullying. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying, and perpetrators are dealt with appropriately.

All the study materials and resources are provided online. Learners can access them through their preferred (or as prescribed by us) devices, at their preferred locations and at convenient milestones during their perusal of the courses.

Reference books/sources for further study are also suggested on our Learning-Management System. A learner gets thorough information to pursue their studies with utmost convenience.

Anchored Education has a dedicated pool of academics and course-matter experts, whose support and guidance may be sought at various times and intervals.

Parents and learners can book a virtual tour and have an individual session with a consultant about the School.

Individual sessions can be booked and the first session per Grade is free, for the learner to first have a lived experience with a teacher.

Free weekly group discussions are scheduled on core courses for which learners can book.

Parents may schedule an appointment with a teacher or the dean at

Lecturers will monitor the progress of learners and make individual follow ups on risk learners.

We do have a virtual tour available (book on website), as well as a demonstration of a lesson session, that is bookable through

Anchored Education provides you continuous and convenient guidance and support during your entire duration of studies with us. We welcome you to write to us at Alternatively, access our support team through your account on our Learning-Management System.

Anchored Education continuously monitors and guides all its learners through its academic and support teams. All ‘Log-in’ hours of learners and teachers are monitored, and your coursework is thoroughly monitored by the Heads of the different departments.

You can choose to study at your own time and location. However, International Schooling expects you to complete the prescribed number of hours that are required to efficiently complete your course and learning and earn successful credits (wherever applicable). In this manner, your attendance is important.

An important and critical requirement of effective learning is the feedback mechanism to the parent. A parent has the right as well as the duty to know the performance of his/her child.  This also helps the parent to contribute better to the learning and development of the learner. Teachers will monitor every child’s attendance and progress daily. This will be communicated to the parents via email on a regular basis.

For more information send us a message to

Examination schedule: You can choose to take your examinations/tests, based on the completion of certain milestones in your course. You will get all such information during the process of enrollment and pursuance of your coursework.

Conducting examinations during the Grade: All the tests and quizzes will be provided online. Learners have to progress through them sequentially and are not allowed to skip through the areas unless so is allowed by Anchored Education

You will receive the applicable certificate/diploma upon the successful completion of your coursework/level.

Each course has a different fee based on the grade/level/course. Once you enroll with us, you will be guided through our fee structure, prior to the final payment applicable to you. 

Anchored Education aims to make all aspects of the learning journey easy. Yearly and monthly payment plans over a period of 11 months (at registration the first payment) are available. 

Here is the link to our fee structure:

Send us your personal details and with certified copies of your ID, latest grades, your motivation and a reference by an accredited person in your community. Contact

Your application will serve at the Teaching and Learning Committee and you will be advised 4 weeks after we have received the requested documents.

No further correspondence will then be undertaken on this matter.

Upon the successful completion of your course/level with Anchored Education, you will be issued a certificate/diploma. You may provide this certificate/diploma to your academic counsellor at the college/university that you are applying to.

In the case of a loss of power(electricity)/load-shedding, learners are required to have a back-up power supply or power bank, as well as a mobile device loaded with data to allow for internet connection, alternatively a pocket Wi-Fi router.


Supported operating systems:

Windows 7 to 10
Apple Mac OS X 10.15 – 10.09 
Other: Android version 6.0+ / Marshmallow

System requirements:

Resolution: 1024 x 768 (minimum)
Internet Connection: High Speed (Broadband)
Audio: Speakers and Microphone
Printer and means to digitally submit a file or ability to digitally edit PDF files.

Required software:

Word Processing software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
Microsoft Office
Free options: Open Office and Google Docs
Audacity or Vocaroo

You can fill in the ‘Inquiry Form’ directly under the ‘Contact Us’ tab. Alternatively, you may write to us at 

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