Anchored Education

Online Elementary School

Engaging and self-paced courses

Our online elementary school offers children endless opportunities to learn and primes them for a brave new future of global citizenship.

We equip children with the key skill sets:

Creative thinking

Interpersonal skills

Digital competence

A global mind-set

And the confidence to be ‘counted and heard’

Your child's future

Our innovative online teaching practices focus strongly on personalized attention to learners and joyful learning experiences through active thinking, project-based and enquiry-based learning, creative problem-solving, relating content to real-world applications and connecting learning to cultural awareness. Anchored Education primes your child for a brave new future of global citizenship.

Your parental role

Studies indicate that children with actively involved parents are likely to have better social skills, stay motivated to achieve their goals and become lifelong learners. We embrace parental involvement and encourage you to act as a learning coach for your children by creating positive learning environments that foster self-actualization and boost self-confidence.
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