Anchored Education

Online High School

Engaging and self-paced courses

Our online high school gives teenagers the foundation to one day pursue advanced studies at top universities and grab lucrative career opportunities anywhere in the world.

Rigorous courses upskill them for ‘self-reliance and independence’ beyond school:

An ability to enrich and enhance every learning experience

Instinctive self-reliance and self-direction

The power to take responsibility for the planning, monitoring, and evaluation of their own
learning strategies and achievements

A lifelong dedication to learning

A balanced search for wider life goals beyond career

An American High School Diploma

We offer Southern African learners the best high school education the world has to offer, a personalized learning experience with 24/7 access to a feature-packed platform containing recorded lectures; interactives quizzes and assignments; doubt-clearing and career counselling sessions; live, one-on-one, learner-teacher support; plus a wealth of opportunities to improve yourself through continuous assessments and regular feedback from teachers. The best part is that you can start high school at any time of the year, whether you want to enroll in a full-time course, study a single course, do credit recovery courses, or earn a dual high school diploma.

High School 9-12 Courses

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