Anchored Education

Online Middle School

Engaging and self-paced courses

Our online middle school offers young adolescents the right path to develop the many spheres of intelligence required for a brave new future of global citizenship.

Demanding courses equip them with key capabilities in preparation for high school and beyond:

A drive to learn and a thirst for knowledge

Self-awareness and persistence

Social and emotional intelligence

Communication, collaboration, and decision-making skills

Creativity, curiosity, and a passion for inquiry and exploration

Why go online in middle school?

Middle school years are children’s “make or break years’ when they acquire new skills to gear up for high school. Ironically, middle schools are undervalued by conventional education systems. Learners in an online middle school become self-directed because they are free to interact online with course matter experts who understand their developmental needs. This gives them the drive to carve their own learning paths and sharpen their inquisitiveness and zeal to take risks and venture into new pursuits without being judged or scrutinized. Anchored Education primes young adolescents for lifelong success.
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