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Empowering Learning through the Anchored Ed Bursary Scheme

The number of gifted learners that drop out of regular school because they are not able to afford their studies due to a lack of funds is astonishing. Some of these bright individuals could eventually go on to become successful visionaries if they are given the right financial impetus to complete their education.

At Anchored Education, we believe in the talent and ability of every learner and by assisting learner to achieve an international quality education we strongly believe these learner will permanently have an impact in their communities and society as a whole.

How to Apply?

Learners can apply for the Anchored Education Bursary by completing the application process.

As part of submitting your online application, you are required to provide supporting documents, personal statements and motivations.

The committee will take all factors in consideration when evaluating the applications. To motivate the success of the application a learner can give reasons of financial incapability, academic merit or any other reason learners may consider relevant.

An evaluation exercise which could include, but not limited to, a test, video interview, evaluation of transcripts, will be conducted by the committee. It would be more beneficial for learners to submit reference or recommendation letters. The bursary test/interview will consist of general questions and course matter questions.

Terms and Conditions

  • Applicants need to complete the application form in full and upload all the supporting documents with the application form before or on the closing date, to be considered by the bursary committee.
  • There will be twelve (12) bursaries awarded for the 2022 academic year.
  • Bursaries are awarded to applicants on the first come first serve basis, to those who meet the eligibility criteria set for the applicants. This means, even if an applicant meets the bursary criteria, a bursary may not be awarded.
  • Applicants may be requested to submit further information needed or attend an interview with a representative of Anchored Education.
  • Bursaries are not transferable.
  • The bursary will vary up till 50% of the academic year’s fees in which the applicant is registered for.
  • There may be a continuation of the bursary should the student perform well during the current bursary period / year. The learner will apply for it, under the same conditions as for the first application. The bursary for the following year must be applied for, 3 (three) months before the end of an academic calendar year. The date will be published on the website.
  • A successful bursary holder will receive written confirmation from Anchored Education, and the applicant/learner will need to accept the offer in a prescribed period, for it not to lapse. Bursary recipients will sign an agreement to become ambassadors of Anchored Education, activities which include answering queries of prospective learners, attending workshops and events, and contributing short articles and use of the recipient’s images for blogs and newsletters.
  • The learner will receive a bursary code from Anchored Education that must be utilized during the payment process, when actually enrolling.
  • Bursary holders will be liable to pay any other non-tuition fee items which may be required for the program such as registration fee, remaining tuition fee, books, toolkits, or materials.
  • The bursary will not be given in cash.
  • The recipient will not be entitled to any other discounts or special price offers.
  • The decision of the bursary committee is final.

We have received an unbelievable number of applications, unfortunately our bursaries are closed for now. Please keep checking this page for any updates.

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