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Anchored Education, offering a USA educational learning curriculum for Grade K, primary school, and up to 12 for learners looking for e-learning education. This is South Africa’s leading online school for education. Benefiting learners with all the advantages of distance learning – “studying at your own pace and in the comfort and safety of your own space” – this online education site opens the door to global study and career opportunities for children in South Africa who are blessed with a globally accepted matric certificate based on a USA curriculum.

Anchored Education is accredited schooling at its best: Our partnership with the International Schooling Corporation in Singapore gives us official accreditation by Cognia, the school accreditation organization that serves as the common consortium of 40 000 plus accredited schools world-wide.  

Highly recommended by parents from across South Africa, Anchored Education is much more than just an online curriculum. It is about offering a world-beating support structure as well. When launched, one of the school’s non-negotiable commitments has been an optimal learner-to-tutor ratio, one that ensures a learner receives the level of interactive, online, attention and input from a teacher that he or she needs. 

Learning online has never been easier: Anchored Education’s online schooling solution allows learners to study wherever they are in South Africa, or wherever they find themselves in the world while traveling with their parents. Should they need support of any kind, ask a question on any topic in any course, or receive input and guidance from a teacher or tutor, they simply must log an ‘online request for interaction’ and a teacher or tutor will respond online and engage virtually with them to resolve their issue or clear up their uncertainties.

Anchored Education’s interactive learner-teacher relationship is as seamless as having ‘a teacher standing at a child’s shoulder in a classroom’. Our main aim remains unlocking learners’ fullest potential and removing all barriers to accessing, building upon, and adding to their natural abilities and talents – our online schooling solution is formulated to understand that every child is uniquely different, distinctively talented and, moreover, growing up in circumstances that are singular and specific.

The world is changing at an ever-faster pace and, crucially, in leaps and bounds so vast and unexpected that today’s children will carve careers and earn a living in fields that do not yet exist! It is, therefore, crucial that parents choose a schooling solution for their children that does not only keep up with the times but, crucially, equip them to embrace realities where they, themselves, might be ‘the change the world has been waiting for’ or ‘the future that has arrived a decade sooner than expected.’

Anchored Education is dedicated to producing pioneers and thought leaders, young men and women who are destined to think differently in a brave new world that need brave new solutions. To do this, they need a foundation of online schooling and a set of milestone qualifications that are the best the world has to offer.

Anchored Education offers that foundation!



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