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The Relevance Of The American Curriculum For Kindergarten Uptill Grade 12


By Elizabeth du Toit

In an environment of changes to pass rates and entrance requirements to higher education institutions, parents should reflect on the future of their children. Will they be able to study overseas after school? Will the Grade 12 certificate be accepted in other countries?

Why choose the American Curriculum?

At Anchored Education we want our students to be ready to enter Higher education institutions globally. As an International Online School we believe in challenging our students to the highest level possible for their future successes.

The American Curriculum is different and unique from other curriculums because it allows flexibility and creativity on how course material is being taught and assessed.

Doing your Grades at Anchored Education provides a career pathway to American Higher education, as we are accredited by the international accreditation body Cognia. If the student decides to continue to study further in South Africa after completing the American Curriculum, the normal process of accreditation through SAQA is followed.

Benefits of this curriculum are:

1 The curriculum at Anchored Education offers a comfortable pace

Evaluation of student’s progress takes place through student comprehension and progress, mid-term, and final exams as well as quizzes.

One of the big differences between the British curriculum and the American curriculum offered at Anchored Ed, is that students doing the American curriculum progress continuous through assessment, instead having pressure of one comprehensive singular exam per subject.

The evaluation of subjects is done through blended learning, a mixture of tests, class attendance, assignments, group projects, presentations and quizzes.

Learners are therefore able to pace themselves to progress drastically throughout the semester with the assistance of a time-table.

The (SAT) Scholastic Aptitude Test will evaluate college-specific-skills. These skills (problem-solving and analysing) are integrated in the lessons learned at Anchored Education because they are essential gradate attributes needed at University level.

2 Holistic development

The American curriculum gives the learner the exposure to a wide range of scientific relevant subjects. This curriculum encourages extra-curricular activities, part-taking in community projects, social events as well as other opportunities.

This curriculum encourages creativity, curiosity, and student individuality. This person-centered approach develops the learners mentally, spiritually, socially, emotionally and intellectually.

3 Thinking creatively is a priority

The American Curriculum is designed for learners to be innovative, to be liberal thinkers and developing problem-solving skills to think outside of the box.

This approach of Education is done through participation in classes, collaboration with peers, and open lines of communication with the teacher.

4 Unlimited subjects to choose from

The learners get exposed and can choose from a diversity of academic subjects. These are inter alia; Science, Social Studies, Maths, Spanish, Visual Arts, History, Biology, Marine Science, Agricultural science, Art Sciences, World history. Programming, Language Art/English. The list goes on and on.

Learners also have the choice to take college-level classes called Advanced Placement (AP) courses or they can enrol for grade-level classes to graduate with an American Diploma.


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