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Choosing The Right Subjects In Online Schooling

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Author: Elizabeth du Toit

This blog is all about passion. Passion for your academic and future career. Because the key for true happiness is loving whatever you pursue in life.

There are times in your life when you need to make critical decisions that will affect your future. Choosing the right subjects in your school career can certainly feel like one of those times.

Choosing the right subjects can also often be nerve-racking, as it could be tough choices to make. It is also to make the appropriate choices in digital Online-Schooling to be able to have lots of career opportunities in later years.

It all starts by choosing the right subjects at Anchored Education, so that you can be able to be ready for the unknown future ahead and to succeed.

How will you know you are making the right choices? Here are a few tips and factors to consider when choosing subjects or courses.

Factors to consider before choosing subjects

  • Consider prospective careers in the future as well as employment opportunities. Do your research.

  • Look at all the subject choices, think carefully what subjects will interest you, and be sure about the content of the subject you are considering taking.

  • Think about your unique skills, your passions, values, and interests as well as your existing experience. Make sure the subject or course is on the right educational standard or level for you.

  • Further Education – One of the most important factors when choosing courses in Grades 10-12 is which tertiary courses and career you will have access to after school.

  • Make notes of the compulsory subjects.

  • Ps. English, Maths, Science and Technology are all useful subjects for many careers.

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Tips when choosing your subjects

  • The child and the parents should be included in this decision. Subjects should be chosen for each unique individual, not just to please others. Both parties should be happy with the choices.

  • The best education doesn’t always equal the most difficult subject or course.

  • Choosing the subject or course that you think are easy can often be boring. Choose a subject that challenges you, subjects that you find interesting and that you will be able to enjoy and develop the creativity in you.

  • Don’t choose a subject because you like the teacher, as subject educator’s changes from year to year. The same applies for choosing a subject because of friends. Choose what is best for yourself not for anyone else.

Subject choices at Anchored Education

Elementary School: (Kindergarten, Grade 1-5)

  • Language Arts (English)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • Technology.

Middle School: (Grade 6-8)

  • Language Arts (English)
  • Mathematics (Pre – Algebra)
  • Science (Biology)
  • World Languages (Spanish)
  • Social Studies (Reading, Critical thinking, problem solving and learning strategies, world history)
  • Health & Physical Education (Fitness, Comprehensive PE)
  • Electives:
  • Technology (Business Keyboarding)
  • Middle School Orientation to Art
  • Coding Fundamentals

High School: (Grade 9-12)

  • Language Arts (English)
  • Mathematics (Algebra, Pre- Calculus, Geometry)
  • Science (Physics & Chemistry, Marine Science, Earth and Space Science, Anatomy & Physiology)
  • World Languages (Spanish, French, Chinese and American Sign Language)
  • Social Studies (Personal Financial Literacy, Economics and Psychology)
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Electives:
  • Digital Information Technology
  • Intensive Reading
  • Journalism
  • Social Studies
  • Procedural Programming
  • Agriscience Foundations
  • Social Media
  • Art History and Criticism
  • Thinking & Learning Strategies
  • Foundations of Programming

For more information on subject choices visit course catalogue page:


How and where can learners get advice on subject choices and career options?

  • Contact Anchored Education on (+27) 10 880 5567 or send us an email on to schedule a career counselling appointment.
  • Visit websites like My world of work.


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