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Accreditation Or Not In Online Schooling?

As a parent, you may have asked the question; “Is accreditation of schooling relevant?” The answer is a resounding yes in the American Online Schooling System specifically for High School, Grades 9 to 12.  Accreditation ensures academic excellence through quality assurance measures by well-educator staff, to acknowledge the School Diploma as a valid tool for further educational opportunities after High School. It’s imperative before signing your child up for Online Schooling, to assess that the prospective online school holds valid internationally recognized accreditation. Your child should be able to advance to tertiary education level in their desired study field, without the disappointment of being informed that their school diploma is not recognized for entrance to university or a college, or does not meet the necessary requirements/credits to complete a specific qualification.

Why consider studying through International avenues for Online Programmes?

With the higher demand to study through distance learning, education opportunities and international programs/programs have increased and are a mouse click away. Thanks to the Internet and carefully designed online program structures, you can obtain a top qualification that reaches far beyond your national borders. If you are looking into distance learning and obtaining a qualification online, you might as well extend your research to international programs. This is also for Online Schooling such as Anchored Education in South Africa, an international partner of International Schooling Incorporated (Pty) There are big advantages that come along with international qualifications, including promoting you to a platform to find international jobs.

When you are studying towards a South African accredited degree, this t means that your qualification meets the standard and quality of education specific to this country, which is surely valid is you do not wish to explore the world beyond the borders of your country. However, what if you want to apply for a job overseas or work for an international company? The question could be posed if your matric certificate and further studies meet the required criteria to qualify for application to be interviewed for the position?

The key difference between American international and national programs is true that the international American program content is recognized and applicable to broader context globally.  This viewpoint is very useful, not only for students who wish to work abroad but also for learners who want to work for foreign or multi-national companies based in South Africa. Learners who are likely to interact with the international environment will benefit from studying online international programs, as they are based on international standards.

Choose the right International Programme

If you decide to start a distance education or online program, it’s essential to explore the different international program options. This is also the case for Online Schooling.

Why is it so essential to choose the right online program in preparing for your future? International Accreditation is crucial. It shows that a program meets the relevant and minimum standards to be recognized as quality education. Keep in mind, that it is up to the parent to determine that the program, e.g. High School Diploma, the child wants to do, is recognized in the country in which he/she wants to build their future career. The mere fact that a program is recognized on an international level does give it a certain level of prestige but does not necessarily mean that it will be recognized in every country. It should be recognized at an accreditation agency globally known as Cognia.

Even if your child intends to work in South Africa after school, having an internationally accredited High School Diploma can be a big bonus, as it often means that they were exposed to a high intellectual level of relevant subjects during learning and teaching, applicable to the future world with new careers in a vast number of countries. An international qualification may impress a prospective employer based in South Africa, especially if he or she operates in an internationally orientated environment such as Trading.

Job Opportunities

An international qualification could be the key to your professional success. When applying for jobs abroad, you don’t want to fall short in the international market because your qualification is restricted to a South African context, right? Well, if one or more of your qualifications are recognized on an international level, it automatically puts you ahead of the game. You have much better chances to qualify for job positions abroad than with only a national qualification next to your name. However, this is not to say that someone with a national qualification cannot find work abroad. In the end, it depends on the level of your qualification, the industry, the country, as well as experience. So, learners who wish to work abroad need to research in which countries and professions a national qualification will be good enough to professionally develop further- it all depends on different individual surrounding factors.

New Study Directions

Sometimes international programs provide you with the opportunity to study in a specific area that isn’t available in South Africa, or at one of the national institutions. Through distance learning, you can access information and the acquisition of skills and knowledge that would otherwise be limited to learners who can physically attend the program at the institution abroad. In other words, you can get a qualification from an internationally accredited institution without having to be concerned about actually relocating to whichever country it’s offered in

International Online Schooling as the best option at Anchored Education located in South Africa

Anchored Education is an excellence-driven, Internationally Accredited Online School. It follows a blended integrative learning approach offering a prestigious comprehensive online program from Kindergarten right up to Grade 12 in partnership with International Schooling Incorporated (PTY) that is globally accredited by Cognia. Any caring and well-advised parent always has the very best interest of his/her child at heart. A parent should be a step ahead and be reassured about the quality and relevance of Online Schooling in developing a child that takes ownership of her/his future.

Anchored Education is personally inviting you to a virtual tour where you can meet the principal and teachers of this prestigious, Online School via a webinar, teams meeting, WhatsApp, or other means

There is the opportunity to at your own leisure, ask relevant questions to find out what makes this international school program and method of teaching so progressive and vital as an option for a technology-driven study program for your child. Your child must be able to address the future needs in careers needed in a fast-changing world.

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