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Art? You Say?

Art not only creates something aesthetically pleasing for the eye but also makes a statement and communicates ideas and statements to the world at large. At Anchored education Online Schooling, we strive to promote Art in many ways.

To most of us the term “Art” makes us think of the greatest, such as; Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Andy Warhol, etc, etc… (Check out more here: We think of those “arty-farty” people who squint and tilt their heads slightly left, and suddenly a blue triangle represents a lady sitting on the beach on a planet not known to us. While you stand there, doing an almost headstand, but still seeing just a blue triangle.

Wikipedia (Art – Wikipedia, 2021) defines art as: “ a wide range of human activities (or the products thereof) that involve creative imagination and an aim to express technical proficiency, beauty, emotional power, or conceptual ideas. There is no generally agreed definition of what constitutes art, and ideas have changed over time”.

Did you know?

Most people would think “here comes a boring fact about numbers and statistics, grouped with jargon, that is going to require some Google definitions to understand”. But, no, none of that today. The fact is that art can be seen as a form of therapy for both adults and children.  Let’s focus specifically on children (for the purposes of this reading piece). At a glance, art therapy is a form of “non-verbal therapeutic communication”, that can be used by trained therapists to understand and treat deep social, emotional, mental, and physical traumas in children. This is often done by allowing a child to express their innermost creativity, giving the therapist a glimpse into the child’s honest and unfiltered thoughts and opinions (Center, 2021).

But, what about art in school? Do children really need it?

Art can be seen as a tool that can be used in many other subjects in school, as well as life. While someone reading this may be thinking art is basically just glitter, paint, and canvases, how would that help anyone? One of the key ideas involved with art is that of creative problem-solving. This is a skill that allows for children to come up with better solutions when working; but also, when possibly confronted with a problem among siblings or friends in their daily lives (A Creative Classroom, 2021).  

Seneca Academy (2021), mentions that art as a subject from an early age helps develop “language, social and motor skills, as well as decision-making and risk-taking”.  Giving learners the opportunity to develop skills in a hands-on approach. Where these skills will be carried through to other subjects such as mathematics and science, while also helping to increase language abilities (Live Your Passion, 2021).

At Anchored Education, our Elementary Phase is exposed to art in a way that allows for inspiration, expression, the boosting of self-confidence, and learners’ individual creativity. Learners that see themselves as the next Judy Chicago (view some of Judy Chicago’s work, as well as some of the other amazing artists that had major museum shows in 2020 (  will explore music and movement and find inspiration in the world around them to create their own artwork. Learners will have many art experiences through different cultures and will even do some globetrotting from the comfort of their home!

Our Buzz Learner Management System presents visual arts in a way that combines Math, Social Science, Science, Health, and Language Arts, while also including strong connections to that of Music, Dance, and Physical Education.

As we come to the end of my rather “arty” piece, I would like to share this quote by Osho:

“To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.”


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