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How Can A Parent Promote Self-Discipline And Motivation Of A Child Doing Online Schooling?

Parental involvement is vital to support children in reaching their academic potential while at the same time preparing a child to cultivate self-discipline and become a lifelong learner. Studies have shown that children with actively involved parents are often more likely to have improved social skills and stay motivated to achieve their wider goals. Parents are essentially learning coaches who create a positive learning environment for their children and foster the self-confidence in them to be self-disciplined.

How parents can help:

–      Be sure your child is equipped with everything they will need before their school day begins.

–      Make a schedule of the day’s activities as well as what must be prioritized.

–      Teach your child as you go along what is required of them and why it’s so important to adhere to any plan if they want to achieve success.

–      Encourage your child to use self-motivation to help plan their day. Incentives and rewards are a great way to motivate a student.

–      Always have a plan B ready in case things don’t go according to your original plan, eg. power outages, technical issues, or a break in online communication.

–      Teach your child flexibility and how to move on to something else if they get stuck or they are waiting for a response from an online teacher.

–      A clean workspace of their own is of primary importance.

–      Breaking up long or boring assignments will help keep your child more focused.

–      Remind your child what a great opportunity this is and that the result is well worth their effort.

–      Be sure your child engages with their online teachers/tutors as often as is needed.

–      Teach your child about online safety and security when browsing the internet.

–      Make sure time is given for leisure, lunch breaks, and after-school activities.

Avoiding Distractions

Following a good but manageable routine like in any regular classroom. Filling in a timetable or day planner is a great way to get your child to stick to set tasks. Ensuring your child starts school at the same time every morning, even if it is a little later than normal, will eventually become a behavior and a long-term pattern. Remember if you are a stay-at-home mom stick to the same schedule as far as possible for optimal results.

Allow your child to tell younger brothers or sisters that they are studying and to keep the noise levels down as well to be respectful to your need to study. It won’t be long, and they too will fall into a more disciplined pattern.

Make time for a breather

Allow the child a few 15-minute breaks daily as well as a well-deserved lunch break. This is great for your child to relax, run outside with siblings or curl up with your family pet. Make sure they get plenty of fresh air, lots of water and that the breaks include time outside. 

Make time to create

Can Online Schooling be fun?  Of course, it can. Ensure your child is making time daily for fun recreation activities every day.

–      Go on field trips and take a book with on insects or plants, make learning fun.

–      Cooking or baking, nothing nicer than eating something you made.

–      Try a few educational but fun games.

–      Painting or drawing.

–      Play music and dance like no one is watching.

–      Sounds like work but this can be fun, learn a new language with your child and give points for whoever masters certain words or sentences first.

–      Find creative Crafts for the girls and Model Kits for the boys

–      Watch a Documentary and base it loosely on one of your child’s subjects.

–      Go to a museum.

–      Read a book.

–      Group activities or sports with other kids in the area

How long is a typical online school day?

The beauty of online schooling is that there aren’t really any time constraints.  Work must be finished so if you are behind today because of an unplanned errand or visit, catch it up tomorrow.

The fun side of online schooling?

Sleeping well and eating well come to mind immediately. Doing schoolwork in leisure clothing or a pair of shorts sounds like fun. No more drama at school or asking for bathroom breaks or sharing snacks.  Holidays can be whenever you want, and long weekends can come more regularly. No more sick notes and explaining why your child was late. No more detention and school fights with bullies.  Does Online Schooling not sound more and more like a great idea?

Do you need reassurance that you are making the very best decision for your child’s future?

Online Schooling needs to have a balance of good education, quality learning, and the freedom of a home environment. Looking for the best Online School? Look no further.

Anchored Education is an Online School that endeavors to promote a viable and credible online schooling option from kindergarten to Grade 12. With Anchored Education, your child’s future is guaranteed to be bright and successful. Offering students, the best American Accredited Online Education, enabling them to study abroad and choose to be whatever they want to be in life.

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