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The Benefits Of Online Schooling

Why choosing Online Schooling is a great idea.

Ever thought how great it would be to have more control over what information your child absorbs daily. 

No parent wants their child suffering at the hands of bullies or watching their self-esteem being eroded.

Your family is unique, and ongoing negative input can change your child’s perception of self, while the values you have instilled in them become compromised. 

Are you having sleepless nights, worried about their future, always feeling like your hands are tied and there is nothing you can do about it?

Well, the good news is…help is at hand!

The answer – “Online Schooling”

The flexibility and freedom of online schooling:

Your child is now able to study at a pace that is comfortable while taking necessary breaks without causing disruption, to clear the proverbial cobwebs. This enables children to work according to their own level, their own ability, and at their own pace.  You will find that online schooling provides greater flexibility for the family’s timetable and schedules, no longer worrying about set times and when to take prescribed holidays.

This is a definite win/win situation.

Let’s look at some added benefits of online schooling.

Online Schooling leads to closer family relationships.

Online Schooling provides greater stability in difficult times, for instance, if a child or parent is very ill.

Children who are online schooled generally do not need to be transported to and from school and do not have to do heaps of homework – all of this results in well-rested students with more time in which to complete their studies.

Online Schooling lessons often progress at a much faster pace as less time is wasted on trivia such as moving between classes or ensuring that everyone in the class is on the same page. 

An online schooled environment is better suited to supporting children with learning difficulties.  Hyperactive children are less restricted and can be allowed to move around freely, without ridicule from peers while learning.

Home-Schooling enables parents to pay more in-depth, personal attention to subjects with which their children tend to struggle (or excel).

Parents have a greater opportunity to transfer their values and beliefs to their children.

(Childpsych, 2021)

Extra Curriculums or sport

Online Schooling may be a blessing in disguise for children requiring schedules for specific sports or talents outside normal school hours.  Children who excel in an area, eg. golf may want to hook into a club with other online schoolers.  Parents are encouraged to contact other groups in their area to maintain social activities amongst their own age groups. 

Does online schooling make children more confident about their future?

Online Schooling is a great choice and will make sense from an achievement point of view.

Research suggests online schooled children tend to do better on standardized tests, scoring 15 to 30 percentile points above public-school students.

Peer-reviewed studies on academic achievements show home-school students perform statistically significantly better than those in institutional schools.

(Ray, 2017)

Scholars generally do better in an online school environment, they also tend to complete grade 12 and are overall happier with more confidence.

When online schoolers were questioned at college, they reported that they were much more independent in their approach to life and learning.

Want a little more control over your child’s education?

Not knowing what your child is doing, who they are hanging out with, what information is being relayed to them, bullying, lack of self-esteem, or feeling like an underachiever, are all things you can happily monitor in your child’s life.  This in turn produces a more independent individual who can make his or her own decisions and be a valuable contributor to society.

Ever wondered what a virtual classroom consists of?

Anchored Education is an Online School and endeavors to promote a viable and credible Online Schooling option from kindergarten to Grade 12.

With Anchored Education, your child’s future is guaranteed to be bright and successful.  It offers your child the best American Accredited Online Education, enabling them to study abroad and choose to be whatever they want to be in life.


–         Do you need reassurance that you are making the very best decision for your child’s future?

–         Do you have a lot of questions, want direct answers, and have peace of mind?

Then please take this opportunity to meet with the principal and teachers of Anchored Education by booking a virtual tour at

We can’t wait to meet you!


Childpsych, 2021

Ray, 2017                 

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