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What Are The Job Opportunities Following Online Schooling?

Fascinating Marine Careers

Once your child has completed their accredited High School Diploma, through an excellent online internationally accredited school, such as Anchored Education, there is a myriad of ocean-related studies to pursue at university. There must be a focus on choosing all the right subjects. There are “classical” jobs that exist in the ocean. However, in today’s times, there are many hybrids of these jobs, for example, that of an ecologist, climatologist, biogeochemist, etc., that combine various disciplines.

Let us take a closer look at a few of the fields that are available.

Physical Oceanographer

A physical oceanographer studies the motion (waves, currents) of the sea, does numerical modeling, collects data at sea, publishes papers, studies the heat flux and volume transport of currents, the impact of the atmosphere on oceans, and vice versa. University subjects: physical oceanography, physics, mathematics, meteorology.

Marine Biologist

A marine biologist studies the living creatures of the sea, like the marine fauna (fish, mammals, lobsters, plankton, etc.) and flora (different types of seaweed). The person will collect data at sea using nets and other means (also diving) and classify living organisms in terms of taxonomy. The interaction between different animals in terms of the food chain, the response to external impacts (e.g., fishing, climate change), determine fishing quotas, save endangered species University subjects: (marine) zoology, botany, taxonomy, chemistry.

Marine Chemist

Choices need to be made between so many available online school programs for your child, and that can be daunting.  We want to offer you peace of mind with Anchored Education, a unique online school striving for educational excellence, to deliver internationally accredited, quality education to learners.
A marine chemist studies the chemistry of the sea, by collecting samples of the sediment or tissue at sea or on the beach, determining the chemical constituents in an analytical laboratory. The outcome will be used to determine the presence of pollutants like heavy metals carried to the sea in residential and industrial effluent. flora (different types of seaweed). University subjects: chemistry (organic, inorganic). oceanography.

Marine Geologist

A marine geologist studies the structure of the sea bottom and the earth’s crust. Of interest would be the exploration of minerals on the seabed, but also for oil and gas in the sub-bottom strata. University subjects: geology, geomorphology.

(Southern African Data Centre for Oceanography (SADCO)

What are Top Paying Related Marine Biology Jobs in the U.S?

Job Title Annual Salary In South African Rands Director Marine Biology $108,699 R1 680 236,53 Marine Biology Government $102,617 R1 586 222,80 Head Of Marine Biologist $97,759 R1 511 197,73 Marine Systems Engineering $96,048 R1 484 748,40

Most marine animal training jobs require a bachelor’s degree. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, most zoos and aquariums require their trainers to have a degree in biology, zoology, psychology, or marine biology  ( May 2021

More Exciting Careers for Ocean Lovers:

–       Marine Environment Economist.

–       Aquatic Veterinarian.

–       Ocean (Marine) Engineer.

–       Oceanographer.

–       Marine Environmental Scientist.

–       Marine Archaeologist

To either work abroad or in South Africa, in any of the above fields, a fully accredited online school is required to fulfill this dream.

Think Online American Education, Think Anchored Education International Online School in South Africa

Anchored Education, in partnership with International Schooling (ISC) is accredited by Cognia, the largest accreditation agency in the US.  ANCED provides complete autonomy to parents and learners, to freely choose the courses they wish to register for.  Learners are expected to complete the credits for the online program and the corresponding examinations to successfully complete the High School Diploma.  After completing this school qualification, a learner achieves the status to pursue further higher education and a career path of their own choice.

Therefore, ensure that your child’s qualification and the program are internationally recognized which is vital and the best you can do for his/her future.

Anchored Education’s online accredited school offering the American curriculum, gives the student exposure to a wide range of scientific relevant subjects.  The learner can choose from a diverse list of exciting academic subjects. These are inter alia; Science, Social Studies, Math, Spanish, Visual Arts, History, Biology, Marine Science, Agricultural Science, Art Sciences, World History, Coding, Programming, Language Art/English. The list goes on and on.

Learners also have the choice of taking college-level classes called Advanced Placement (AP) courses or they can enroll in grade-level classes to graduate with an American Diploma

The world is now your child’s oyster. Curious to find out more?

You are invited!

Anchored Education invites you to a virtual tour where you can meet the teachers via webinar, and at your own leisure ask pertinent questions to find out what makes this program and method of teaching so progressive and vital as an option for a great future for your child.

Book your own virtual tour online at:

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We can’t wait to meet you.

Resources: (Southern African Data Centre for Oceanography (SADCO)

( May 2021

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