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Keeping Children Busy During The Festival Season – Be Ready And Innovative With Great Ideas

At Anchored Education Online homeschooling, we believe that a learner should plan his studies at his/her own pace and space. This includes having some holidays in between.  Is the thought of extra-long Christmas holidays filling you with dread?  Anchored Education as a global leader in Online Schooling, viewing learning as progressive and evolving. How are you going to keep the kids entertained?  If you’re prepared, it’s going to be fun.

Here are a few creative ideas from our teachers to get you started:

1. Baking Christmas Gifts

With Christmas around the corner, bake delicious cookies for gifts. This requires the supervision of the children in the kitchen. Once cookies are baked, dip half of them in chocolate and let them dry. Boxes come in handy. Find an online pattern to make gift boxes and help your child fold them into shape. Let them color the boxes with Christmas themed ideas. Place colorful tissue paper in each box and carefully arrange the cookies.  The kids can design individual name plaques for each box.  Make sure you provide them with plenty of ribbon and glitter.

2. Invent New Games

Get your children to think about inventing their own games. They should decide if it’s a board game, card game or a building game. Colored cards, glue, scissors, beads, felt tip pens, and any odds and ends lying around the house, will help make their game come to life. Once they have planned their game on paper, help them put that idea together to form an exciting real-life game of their own. Let them decide on an appropriate name, the rules, including the number of players to make the game exciting. Once they have their idea, let them create and have fun.  The sky’s the limit!

3. Start A Garden

Planning their very own garden can be so exciting for a child. Some steps are briefly outlined. Let them decide, flowers or vegetables. Choose a location and give each child their own patch of ground. Plan garden beds beforehand on paper so they have an idea before getting started. Invest in basic garden tools, encouraging each child to share and help each other.  Let them prepare the ground by removing stones, removing clots of hard soil and weeds. Put compost into the soil and mix well. Then off to the nursery so they can choose the right seeds or seedlings. Make sure they are aware of how much water is needed and how often.


What a joy to see their own plants grow and a great way to teach them to be responsible.

4. Build A Fun Fort

This is something the dads can get involved in.  Help them decide where the fort will be, the garden, the lounge or maybe even a spare room. Everyday household items like blankets, sheets, chairs, and curtain rods can be used. Dad can help design a frame for the fort and the kids drape blankets over it. Throw in a few pillows and blankets for added coziness, for a fun filled afternoon reading books or playing. If your kids are still small you can recycle a large box, cut out windows, and call it home! Great fun!

5. Have An Exciting Treasure Hunt

This is so exciting for children of any age.  Tell your child about the hunt and that it’s themed and to be creative on the actual day of the treasure hunt and dress the part. Plan the hunt and where you can have it.  Best do it while your kids are asleep or at a friend’s house. Draw easy pictures for each of the clues making it inventive and fun and making your children search all over the house and the garden too. Once all treasure is hidden and the clues prepared, tell your child it’s time for the treasure hunt and they should get dressed. You will hear plenty of squeals and laughter. Make sure you explain how the treasure hunt will work and what the rules are. Incorporate exciting props into the treasure hunt and in the clues to build extra excitement for the kids. Messages in different sized bottles are great props for a pirate treasure hunt.


This is something they will talk about and remember for a long time to come.

6. Write A Short Story

Each child can write a short story and have it printed, what a beautiful gift for grandparents and godparents for Christmas.


Let your child decide what they enjoy and what would be easy to write about e.g. “My Family” or “My Pet” or “The day I fell off my Bike.” Get them to tell their own story first, preparing the outline of the story and making headings.

The story needs to be reread a few times making sure they haven’t forgotten anything. Once done, sit down as a family and share the different stories, allowing other family members to suggest funny bits or forgotten details to add.   Let a parent check the spelling and grammar.


Now for the fun part, designing the front cover for their book, encouraging them to make it as colorful and expressive as they want. Let them write their own name on the front cover and watch them beam from ear to ear. Send it to the printers who specialize in printing a few copies and “Voila.”

All holidays come to an end…

Have the holidays been a great bonding experience and perhaps you are considering online schooling but just not sure how to choose?  

Anchored Education is an excellent Online School that endeavors to promote a viable and credible Online Schooling option from kindergarten to Grade 12. Offering learners the best American Online Education, in partnership with International Schooling accredited by the largest accreditation body in the USA, Cognia, enabling them to study abroad and choose their own individual career path.

To ensure you are making the very best choice for your child’s future, take a virtual tour and ask any pressing questions.

Registrations Are Open.

Please take this opportunity to meet with the teachers of Anchored Education by booking a virtual tour here.

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