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Online Schooling – Developing Social And Emotional Learning (SEL) For Better Grades

Academic Growth Enhanced Through SEL

The need to prioritize social and emotional health in online learners will ultimately benefit them as they grow physically as well as academically.  Learners need to have strengthened social and emotional bonds. This helps steering them through the challenges of daily life with peers and others, giving them the strength to focus on their studies. Anchored Education is an Online International School that endeavors to promote a viable and credible schooling option from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Social and Emotional Learning and Teaching is a priority in the curriculum. This allows for offering learners the best American Online Education, Accredited by Cognia, enabling them to study abroad and choose their own future career path.

Teaching Social And Emotional Skills To Learners

With so much negativity in the world and the ever-increasing surge in violence, drinking, drugs and bullying, the overall well-being and positive behaviour of a learner is greatly improved, through Social and Emotional skills learning. The main principle is to start teaching SEL competencies from a young age. Children under parental care, need to be continuously and repetitively reminded of developing the social and emotional skills of their children, for them to be ready to successfully enter schooling. Children learn through watching what adults ‘do’ in their day-to-day life, such as a interacting with others and not only through what their parents ‘say.’ 

A few skills that parents should be aware of those children and learners can benefit from:

  1. Teaching a child patience and self-control and waiting their turn, whether it’s to speak or to receive something, is invaluable for future relationships.
  2. The skill of sharing and the emotional benefits thereof, is imperative to learn to show empathy towards others who are e.g., less fortunate than them at a given time.
  3. Listening, is a skill where children learn the art of truly listening to hear, and not just to make a reply.
  4. Following direction and cooperating are skills where children are taught that not always getting their own way is a benefit. Children need to understand when to follow set rules, and when to act assertively in a respective way. A child can question the rules, at the right time and place.
  5. Respecting another’s personal space is important for continued harmony and peace between people. Teaching your child to pick up signals of “when” to approach someone “at the right time” and when to stay back, or when to “ask the right question” or when to politely keep quiet.
  6. Making eye contact when speaking with your child, is vital to instil your child’s self-confidence as well as showing respect when speaking or listening to someone.
  7. Manners cannot be emphasized enough as many learners and children have not acquired these set of skills. A simple ‘please and thank you’ still get you far in everyday life. Acknowledging another through a greeting, or showing honor and respect when and where it’s due, are pleasing characteristics and should be well developed in young leaders.

Why Social And Emotional Skills Are So Important?

Effective communication is a core social skill. Children learn to relate and ultimately connect with other people through communication. Creating lasting friendships and relationships with a degree of emotional satisfaction, stem from good communication. One should remember that disagreements do arise even in the best of relationships. Learning to navigate through these disagreements, requires active listening and picking up on tell-tale signs, and the child learns to speak when it is her/his turn.

Does Social And Emotional Learning Affect Academic Performance?

A positive, well-behaved learner who can maintain friendships, is able to meaningfully cooperate with others, and willing to follow rules, will ultimately perform better academically. A peaceful, kind and respectful environment helps to encourage brain development amongst learners, while at the same time enhancing their social interaction capabilities. SEL promotes positive development and reduces problematic behaviors. A learner’s academic achievements improve as they learn to manage stress, cultivate a positive outlook, and have a better attitude toward themselves and others.

Online Schooling At Anchored Education Can Be One Of The Best Decisions You Make For Your Child To Ensure An Excellent Educational Future While Home-Schooling.

Well-informed parents play a pivotal role in positively influencing their children towards online learning. Anchored Education is truly a global leader in online education, viewing learning as progressive and evolving. To ensure you are making the very best choice for your child’s future, take a virtual tour and ask any pressing questions.  

Registration open and parents can meet staff:

Please take this opportunity to meet with the teachers of Anchored Education by booking a virtual tour here.

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