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Clubs And Social Groups For Learners Studying Online Schooling?

Parents, now for the million-dollar question: “Have you found an excellent Online School for your child yet?”

Anchored Education is an Internationally Accredited Online School following blended integrative learning approach offering a prestigious comprehensive online program from Kindergarten right up to Grade 12. It is globally accredited by Cognia, through a partnership with International Schooling. To be acknowledged as an accredited school, certain standards must be met, one being the social development of a learner. This is a priority at Anchored Education Online Schooling.

Help Develop Your Child’s Social Skills

Explore different options with your child. Any youth club or group can help children develop good social skills. Whether a club is learning your child how to kick a ball, do art, or play an instrument, kids can improve on their communication skills through various group activities. They learn to read social cues, express their opinions, and learn from the sharing of experiences with others.


Groups and clubs are designed for learners and can offer many benefits. They help kids make friends and practice social skills with both adults and peers. They teach children new skills and allow them to pursue a favorite hobby or activity. They foster feelings of competence and pride to boost kids’ confidence and self-esteem. Some children join clubs to serve the community or explore their spiritual needs. Others prefer the spirit of competition that comes from sports. When looking for a club for addressing the specific needs of your child, consider what your child hopes to get out of the experience and the various types of organizations available.

Availability Of Exciting Clubs And Activities

Nature clubs

Kids Nature Club SA offers nature-based programs for children in South Africa.  We encourage kids to spend time outdoors, exploring, learning, and playing. These provides children with the opportunity to work in various areas learning about plants, animals and related fields. If they are not in your area create a group of your own. Try a project garden with other children or start a conservation group for kids. Contact:



Scouting provides a well-rounded program where children earn badges, play games, camp, sing, create crafts, complete service projects, and more. Scouts build friendships and learn new skills.


SCOUTS South Africa states on their website that it “is an independent, non-profit educational movement dedicated to the development of young people in achieving their full potential as individuals and responsible citizens. Central in this programme is a continuous transference of values such as honesty, loyalty, responsibility, respect; all aimed at governing individual behavior and the development of strong leadership skills that will equip members to be of service to others and to their communities”.


SCOUTS South Africa is made up of three branches:

  • Cubs: boys and girls 7 to 10 years old
  • Scouts: boys and girls 11 to 17 years old
  • Rovers: young men and women from 18 to 30 years old

You contact a branch near you:


Academic Clubs

Groups that focus on math, science, and computers, is a great place for kids to meet like-minded friends who share their passion. Ultimately encouraging leadership skills while helping children learn to work as a team. Find Science and Math Clubs in your area or start one with other likeminded kids.



ArcelorMittal Science Club “is based at the Science Centre intended to provide opportunities for learners to explore science.  The Science Club fuels the wonder and the joy of learning Science in interactive, fun, informative and challenging ways, participating in science expos, science Olympiad and science fairs”.  Mondays to Fridays (14:00 – 15:30), visit


Mentored Fun Groups for Kids

Clubs must be positive places for kids to explore their talents and abilities in a supportive environment. Boys & Girls Clubs Trained professionals, provide daily structured programs and activities on Mondays to Fridays from 14h00 to 18h00.


“One of our key objectives is to ensure each Club Member develops a meaningful and mentoring relationship with our Staff, who can ultimately guide them towards a great future.

Our mission is to inspire and enable young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as healthy, responsible, and productive citizens”. Find more info:



Different sports are a great way for children to interact and learn the art of both winning and losing. Here children can engage in physical activity, develop skills, make friends, learn to interact in a team, and build their self-esteem. Find recreation programs, or sports clubs that run youth sports programs in your town or city.


Music and Arts

Nourish Your Child’s Creative Spirit. Children develop creativity and express themselves through the arts. Look at different options. Join a library or start a kid’s book club, choose a book to read and discuss it as a group once a week. Singing drama are a great form of self-expression and a great way for children to let go and have fun. Contact local music schools and art studios for information on acting or drama groups and programs.

A positive, well-behaved learner who can maintain friendships, is able to meaningfully cooperate with others, and willing to follow rules, will ultimately perform better academically. A peaceful, kind and respectful environment helps to encourage brain development amongst learners, while at the same time enhancing their social interaction capabilities. SEL promotes positive development and reduces problematic behaviors. A learner’s academic achievements improve as they learn to manage stress, cultivate a positive outlook, and have a better attitude toward themselves and others.

Anchored Education is inviting you to a virtual tour where you can meet the teachers of this prestigious, Online School via webinar. There at your own leisure you can ask relevant questions to find out what makes this program and method of teaching so progressive and vital as an option for a technology driven study program for your child.

Enrollments now open!

Book your own virtual tour online today:

We can’t wait to meet you, don’t delay!

Resource: (Verywellfamily, Heidi Coghlan, Updated on October 13, 2021)

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