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English – To Read Or Not To Read, That Is The Question


By Gisela Fourie

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers.”  -Charles W. Elio


Anchored Education is an international Online School that focuses on the development of a child wholistically. One of the best ways to enhance the development of the intellect and knowledge is by instilling a passion for learning, to let a child start reading books from an early stage.

This Article Aims To Assist Parents To Carry Over The Message To Your Child To Read A Book

Imagine that you were on your favorite social media platform such as Facebook and all that you could see were letters and pictures, but you couldn’t make out one word.  Scary thought, isn’t it? Not being able to read texts from friends, or the instructions on your favorite recipe could become a real nightmare. Most of us probably don’t remember how we learned how to read, but now we can’t imagine our life without it.

With that in mind it becomes easy to see why reading is such an important aspect in our lives as well as our children’s lives and their ability to function in an ever-changing environment. Not only is reading important in school, but it broadens children’s imagination and open’s all kind of new worlds for them. While we understand that summer reading might not be on your child’s bucket list, here are some important reasons to encourage reading:

1. Reading expands the mind


Want to stay young forever? For starters, reading can help to keep our minds young, healthy and sharp. Reading is also a tool that children use to broaden their imagination and allows them to dream and think in ways we never been able to before. This allows our younger generation to create inspiring future careers.

2. Reading improves vocabulary


While reading, children might come across new and exciting words that they have not heard of before. This creates curiosity – prompting them to find out what it means. As a result, they add it to their vocabulary.

3. Reading encourages creative thinking


Children need to be able to have the freedom to think outside the box. Unlike television, reading really gets the creative side of your brain thinking and can truly motivate and inspire children.


4. Reading builds independence and self-confidence


By reading a variety of stories and books children will begin to understand the world on their own. Reading also provides a great deal of information and will make it easier for your child to connect with others in confidence.


5. Reading allows you to travel


Reading is love at first flight as it will take your child’s imagination on wonderful journeys. Children can see the world in a different view, one outside of their own. It provides them the opportunity to live another life without even needing to leave home.

6. Reading leads to future academic success


It goes without saying that a child should be able to read to achieve academic success in school. It is important that they can read and comprehend questions in tests.

7. Reading provides entertainment and peace of mind


It gives children a safe form of entertainment. When children start reading books that do not provide pictures it encourages them to use their imagination. Not only does it transcend them to another reality, but it also helps them to escape from their daily problems.

8. Reading enhances their imagination

Reading is dreaming with your eyes wide open. It allows children to create their own worlds and characters.


9. Reading promotes positive sleeping


Encouraging children to read a book before bedtime can help them sleep better. Reading before you sleep will help your body muscles to relax and mind to destress.


10. Reading improves your writing skills


Consistent reading improves children’s vocabulary, grammar, and communication. It also opens a world of creativity. These are all essential elements in successful writing.

Whether your child is only just beginning to read or whether they are fluent, you can play an important role in helping them to find a keen interest in books. Help them to find books that are engaging, interesting and fun. Maybe help them find a book about anti-gravity, and who knows, they might find it impossible to put down.


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