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Are you looking for a safe school for your child? Do you want your child to develop a strong foundation for lifelong learning? Do you want your child to indulge in a relevant and personalized learning experience?

accredited online elementary school

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Anchored Education, in partnership with International Schooling Corporation (ISC) Singapore, is a Cognia, USA accredited online school which provides vivid learning opportunities to all the learners and allow learners to engage in multimedia-rich educational content.

Why you need an elementary online school?

An elementary school online caters to the needs of the future. Children of an elementary school online are prepared to become productive contributors and active citizens in future societies. Children are equipped with four key skill sets:

  • Global Citizenship
  • Creative Thinking
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Digital Competence

These skills are essential in addressing the most emerging needs of the future. An elementary online school offers children endless and seamless opportunities to learn, to be counted and to be heard.

How An Elementary Online School Prepare The Young For The Future?​

The digital learning content is well-researched and is curated to enhance foundational skills such as reading, writing, comprehension and numeracy skills. The digital learning content is designed to be personalized, self-paced, accessible, and inclusive.

A good quality online elementary school deploys a combination of innovative teaching practices. The teaching practices are focused on creating joyful learning experiences through active thinking, relating content to real-world applications, understanding through project-based and enquiry-based learning, enabling learners to understand problem-solving and connecting learning to cultural awareness.

An accredited online school has well-qualified and certified teachers who are trained to tap a child’s interests and abilities. Personalized attention is provided to all learners and one teacher is assigned for all the courses. This is an interesting strategy that works for teachers in understanding a child in different capacities. For example, a child may lack numeracy skills but may excel in reading and comprehension skills. Teachers witness the well-rounded development of a child. This also allows teachers to incorporate different activities during interactive sessions.

Children learn to become organized in the early stages of learning, they learn to stay focused and develop a sense of responsibility as parents are involved in their academic journey as learning coaches. A flexible curriculum helps promote curiosity and creativity leading to a well-developed cognitive system. The flexibility provided by an online school allows children to proceed at their own pace which fosters independence and turn them into self-directed learners.

Role of a parent in an elementary online school

Parental involvement is vital to support a child to reach his/her academic potential and it also helps the child to become a lifelong learner. Furthermore, studies indicate that children with actively involved parents are likely to have better social skills and stay motivated to achieve their wider goals.  International Schooling embraces parental involvement and encourages parents to play the role of a learning coach. Parents as learning coaches create a positive learning environment for their kids and foster self-confidence in them.

International Schooling is an accredited elementary online school which offers an assortment of core courses and electives for PreK-5 learners. Accreditation is an added advantage as all the transcripts of an accredited school are accepted by colleges and schools around the world. An elementary online school caters to learners all around the world and aims to develop global competence among learners. The learning practices and strategies are well-researched comprising unique dispositions to develop a global bent of mind, allowing learners to understand different cultures, develop empathy and collaborate with peers around the world.

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