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Online Learning – What Is It?

The word education has taken on a whole new look and has captured the interest of many parents seeking a way for their kids to get uninterrupted education. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed education forever.

“Online learning is the future. Learning at your own pace and from anywhere in the world!”

Where To Find An Online School

Anchored Ed is the option at Due to Covid-19, this education home-based online school had to think quick on their feet and provides ongoing support and schooling for many students following the USA curricula. This created an influx of online schools opening around the world as well as in South-Africa. The choice you make is the to find the right fit!

Anchored Ed, definitely offers students the opportunity to have uninterrupted schooling as well as the flexibility of working at his/her own pace and own time.

What Is Online Learning?

Online education has not been a new concept to educators in general. It is also called distance learning or e-learning, that provides the platform for students to complete their educational studies through an online schooling platform. Thanks to the advances of technology, students are now able to access their courses and subjects in the comfort of their own homes.

How Does Online Learning Work?

Away are the days where online education meant using snail mail and waiting days or weeks for material to be delivered to your door. With the new advances of technology, courses, subject and study material are one click away.

Courses and subjects are taught by well-experienced teachers through the institution’s online platform. The institution’s platform differs from one another depending on the software they use. At Anchored Ed we focus on a person-centered approach with individual contact sessions and weekly group discussions. Students have access to a creative platform from their laptop, tablet or phones. They are guided through a demonstration and are able to access the information anytime and anywhere to complete their subjects or courses.

Benefits Of Online Learning

Unlimited benefits exist, that a student can experiences through online teaching and learning:

  • Students can work from the comfort of their own home.
  • Courses or subjects can be accessed anywhere and anytime, and planning in timelines are provided.
  • Students complete work and independent assignments/assessments at their own pace which allows more flexibility. They my repeat assessments to improve their marks.
  • Teachers are able to efficiently deliver lessons to students.
  • A number of recourses and tools are available as part of the school fee.
  • Online learning is much more affordable from a financial point of view.
  • Student attendance has proven to be more regular.
  • Online learning also caters for a larger variety of learning styles.

It Can’t Be All Positive, Right?

Although online learning has numerous benefits there are still a few things you as a parent would need to consider. It is important to know that online learning does provide education to all ages and with this also comes responsibility from you as the parent. Younger students will still need an adult to help and guide them through their learning activities and make sure that they are completing as well as understanding the work provided. Not all students will be able to sit down and remain focused for hours on end and will need the guidance of an adult to focus when necessary and also take breaks when needed.

It will also be important for the student to have a social outlet as they would have had at a traditional school setup such as sport, music or art. With this in mind, it is important that the student take enough screen “down time” as blue light can be damaging to the eyes.


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