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Your child is growing more independent. You feel that he/she needs help to deal with their social and emotional problems. You need professional help to guide them on the right path and develop their social and emotional intelligence. You want your child to participate in relevant curriculum-related activities. You want a school which helps your child to develop self-awareness, learn to collaborate, communicate and persist.

Anchored Education, in partnership with International Schooling Corporation (ISC) Singapore, is an accredited online middle school which offers a personalized learning experience to realize your strengths and make the most of your potential. International Schooling offers a flexible and interdisciplinary curriculum for active and personalized learning.

Get personalized attention from well-qualified educators who understand students’ developmental needs. A unique online middle school with a vivid and engaging learning platform honoring the developmental needs of young adolescents. A school which offers learner-initiated learning and encourages learners to participate in decision making.

Anchored Education strives to create a positive and safe learning environment to help learners develop metacognition, creativity and communication skills to tap their burgeoning energy of adolescence to fuel the motivation to learn and explore more.

Our online middle school courses are rigorous and time demanding to prepare learners for high school and beyond. An extensive range of courses is offered to learners to choose from to understand their inclinations and allow them to explore more disciplines other than academics.


Why do you need to enroll now in an accredited online middle school?

Middle school years are the “make or break years” of a student’s life wherein learners acquire new skills to gear up for high school years. Ironically, middle schools are the most underrepresented and undervalued by conventional education systems.

Learners in an online middle school learn to become self-directed as they get the liberty to interact with course matter experts directly. Learners work under the nurturing guidance of teachers and carve their own learning path.

One-on-One interactions with teachers and collaborative activities with learners in a digital environment allow learners to preserve their curiosity, inquisitiveness and zeal to take risks and venture into new pursuits without being judged or scrutinized.

Good quality online middle schools disseminate well-thought and positive interventions and personalized learning strategies. This allows teachers to look for gifts in each and every learner and handhold them to amplify their recognitions, develop their strengths and work on their weaknesses.

Learners enrolled in an online middle school are engaged in stimulating and meaningful coursework which can be easily related to real life and help them form perception for their future. Teachers provide positive and honest feedback based on facts regularly to help learners seek positive reinforcements for further cognitive, interpersonal and intrapersonal development.

Accredited, high-quality and rigorous online middle school courses along with performance tasks and assignments are designed to encourage learners to be more creative and indulge in research work.


Why International Schooling is the right choice for your child?

International Schooling is an affordable and accredited online school which offers:

  • One-to-one learner-teacher interaction
  • Accredited courses to serve your needs and interests
  • Certified, experienced and well-qualified teachers and counselors
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Free personal counseling and career counseling sessions by professionals

For further information, you can book a free demo session to understand our learning platform and talk to our counselor to clarify all your doubts.

Middle School 6-8 Courses

*A Advanced Courses

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