Anchored Education

Orientation to Art 2D

Grade Level

Grade 6,7,8




A word processing program (WordPad is sufficient)
1 — three-hole punch
1 — blank disk for saving your work or create a folder on your hard drive to save your assignments
Access to a newspaper for the comic section
Plenty of plain white paper for printing and drawing
Plenty of pencils
Markers – a large set that includes tints of colors. For example: blue, light blue, and dark blue.
1 — Poster paint (any color) and brush
Watercolor paint set
1 — Glue stick
1 — Sketchbook (or binder with plain white paper)
3 — Styrofoam (cleaned meat tray will work)
1 — Folder or binder for notes, task lists, e-mails, vocabulary, submitted assignments
1 — Sharpie Marker – fine point (at least black)
1 — Ruler
1 — Compass (for making circles); the bottom of a cup could also be used
1 — Scissors



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